TeleNutrition for my Dog? Yes, Please!

All dogs are unique, and their nutritional needs are too. The Carson&Bear™ Nutrition Clinic ensures that your furry friend receives nutrition plans tailored to your pet to optimize their diet.

Customized Plans for Breed and Health Goals

We believe in a one-size-fits-none approach, and our certified nutritionists work with your veterinarian to craft personalized nutrition plans to address your dog’s breed, life stage, and any special needs they may have.

Getting Started

First, we need information to help our veterinary and nutritionist staff design a customized plan for your pup. You can give us the 411 via our Cav-The Clinic helper or schedule a call to discuss the details with a member of our Care Team. Next, select a convenient date and time for your Tele-Nutrition appointment.

The Magic Begins

After you confirm your appointment, our veterinary and nutritionist staff will design a plan based on your pup’s health and goal information. We will consult with your primary veterinarian to keep all the experts on the same wellness page.

You will receive important emails ahead of your Tele-Nutrition appointment, including one with specifics of the plan we will review with you during your appointment.


Cuddle up with your pup and join us for your Tele-Nutrition appointment, where one of our veterinarians or nutritionists will review the customized nutrition and diet plan and all the best practices and coaching to achieve the health goals.

Appointments Available Beginning August 2024